Abbott Urometer 700

The Abbott Urometer 700 is a urine meter and collection system designed for accurate measurement and collection of urine output in medical settings. It is manufactured by Abbott, a global healthcare company.

Key features and characteristics of the Abbott Urometer 700 include:

  • Measurement Accuracy: The Urometer 700 is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement of urine output. It typically includes a graduated collection chamber and a scale for easy reading of urine volume.

  • Collection Bag: The system includes a durable and leak-proof urine collection bag that securely holds the urine. The bags are usually transparent to allow easy visual monitoring of urine output and can come in different sizes to accommodate various volume needs.

  • Anti-Reflux Valve: The Urometer 700 often features an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine reflux and reduce the risk of contamination or backflow of urine.

  • Sampling Port: Some Urometer 700 models may have a sampling port that allows for convenient and aseptic collection of urine samples for further laboratory analysis.

  • Drainage Options: The system may offer various drainage options, including built-in drainage bags, extension tubing, or connectors to facilitate the emptying and disposal of collected urine.

  • Sterile and Disposable: The Urometer 700 is typically a single-use, disposable system that is designed to maintain a sterile environment. This reduces the risk of infection and contamination.

The Abbott Urometer 700 is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings for accurate urine output measurement and monitoring of patients' fluid balance. It is a reliable tool for healthcare professionals in assessing and managing patients' renal function, hydration status, and response to therapies.

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