Alpha Invitro Diagnostics Private Limited (AIDPL) was founded in the year 2020. We have many branches and collection points across North India that are connected to its referral laboratory at Delhi. Alpha Invitro Diagnostics is well recognized for the adoption of state of the art technology and the experienced team of doctors and technicians work round the clock to deliver you the services that meet international standard as per ISO 15189:2012

The Laboratory Division has specialized departments for Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology, Bacteriology, Molecular Biology, Histopathology, lmmuno-histopathology, Haematology, Clinical Pathology and Cytology. All departments are headed by Doctors and Technical heads who are specialists in the respective areas.

With these facilities, we are able to provide you with any kind of laboratory test you require. Over the past years, we have invested strategically in technology and state-of - the art equipment. The company is bundled with technical expertise, experienced & qualified manpower and process technology, with the aid of which, it has achieved operational excellence. With the help of Enterprise Level LIS (Laboratory Information System), each and every process in the laboratory has become automated and traceable. The automation starts right from billing and is continued through sample collection, pre-examination, examination, and post-examination stages. Once a sample is collected from a patient, it is bar-coded to ensure sample integrity. The samples are loaded onto the fully automated analyzers, which detect the patient sample and the tests to be done from the barcodes labelled on it. The fully automated analyzers process the samples and the tests are conducted without any manual intervention ensuring accuracy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the needs of the doctors, clients and partners and work in closed association with them to deliver our services beyond their expectation. We place the interests and needs of our customers as the first priority. Employing the best technology and challenging ourselves, by placing our customers in our thoughts and actions should be our Mantra.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide accurate diagnostic support to every health care professional and organization and to touch the life of anyone who needs diagnostic assistance.

Quality Policy

Alpha Invitro Diagnostics always strives to uphold its position as a leading clinical laboratory by identifying the diagnostic need of the medical fraternity and providing them with accurate results. This will be achieved through keeping at par with ongoing developments, implementation and evaluation of quality control methods appropriate to each department and continuously revising current laboratory practices to be par with global standards.

To comply with NABL requirements at all times.

Continuously assess and improve the performance of the laboratory.

To ensure satisfaction of all our clients.

Constantly motivate and train staff for effective implementation of quality systems.

Will ensure compliance with statutory, local and national regulations at all times.

Quality Objectives